so let the memories be good for those who stay

Rob and Kristen driving in LA*

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The Potter Generation (X)

18. Triwizard Champions: Fleur, Cedric or Viktor?

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Anonymous asked: How did you do that /post/9820358332

Well, i used Photoshop. I did it a long time ago, but basically I dropped the cropped video on a blank page, since the background is already white, and dropped a colored psd of my liking on it, some textures too. Since her hair was so black at the video, I edited a Rob photo, dropped on it and on the layers box you’ll find the option “lighten”, so then the photo will only be seen on the black parts. It’s a sloppy explanation, but really it’s just simple editing. Oh, and I did the top of her head using a brush with 100% hardness, cause it’s cut on the video. The great about this part of the video is that it’s just wind on her shirt and hair, so it helps on the gif delay, which you’ll edit on the ‘gif part’ of Photoshop by deleting some frames and stuff. Yeah…. That’s all I remember, that’s an old one, soz..

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